A new Intro to NLP course

[2023 update] The course has been revamped and updated with new content. It’s an intro to NLP course with a focus on Enbeddings. We cover what is now old tech (Word2Vec) but which is still very relevant in the age of attention and transformers. If you’re new to NLP this is a good way to start and get to work with SpaCy, NLTK and other standard NLP librairies.


Intro to NLP course on Openclassrooms.

This could not have happened without OC’s amazing team, with a special shoutout to Alexandra. :)

The course covers basic BOW to static embeddings, glove style, with NLTK, Spacy and Gensim.

  • Part #1 - Preprocess Text Data
    1. Build Your First Word Cloud
    2. Remove Stop Words From a Block of Text
    3. Apply Tokenization Techniques
    4. Create a Unique Word Form With SpaCy
    5. Extract Information With Regular Expression
    6. Quiz: Preprocess Text Data
  • Part #2 - Vectorize Text for Classification Using Bag-of-Words
    1. Apply a Simple Bag-of-Words Approach
    2. Apply the TF-IDF Vectorization Approach
    3. Apply Classifier Models for Sentiment Analysis
    4. Quiz: Vectorize Text Using Bag-of-Words Techniques
  • Part #3 - Vectorize Text for Exploration Using Word Embeddings
    1. Discover The Power of Word Embeddings
    2. Compare Embedding Models
    3. Train Your First Embedding Models
    4. Bonus! Doing More with SpaCy
    5. Quiz: Check Your Understanding of Embedding Techniques

I tried to make the course more interesting and engaging by working on classic texts and funky song lyrics. Among other things we study the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, aliens in War of the Worlds and love and swords in Shakespeare.